Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stitch Fix {the final decision}

I got my first Stitch Fix a week ago today. (I blogged my awkward pics and thoughts here, in case you missed them.) I have a few extra comments to make regarding the experience, if you don't mind.

First of all, the decision was a difficult one but I ended up keeping the Pink Kassidy Open Lattice Tank and the Crista 3/4 Sleeve Lace Shirt.

These two were clear favorites among friends/commentators as well as my husband, so it was a pretty easy choice.

That meant the rest of my stuff went back. It was as easy as putting the stuff in the provided bag and sending with my husband to drop in our mailbox while he was mowing. Easy peasy, and there was no added expense involved to send the stuff back.

I then "checked out" back on the Stitch Fix site.

Also, I got a couple of very nice emails from someone at Stitch Fix who had read my blog and seen my pictures. She was extremely kind and grateful for the positive review, and she posted a few of my words at That was cool, but it was even more amazing that the company CARES enough to send a personal note. I'm not usually one to compliment companies on their customer service, but Stitch Fix is doing a great job in this area. This company is very customer-focused--as they should be--since they're employed as personal stylists, but also because they seem to truly care what people think of them and the service they provide. I'm a fan, and I'll probably be scheduling another fix soon. (I'm waiting a bit to be sure I don't get addicted.)

Also, another thought: I got such great (re: HONEST) feedback from friends and random people alike that it would be brilliant to start posting pics of myself in all of the clothes in my closet. I have way too many of them. (Ironic for someone who just admitted she was going to order more clothes...but you know how it is, right? I have things in my closet that I've had since HIGH SCHOOL. High school, people.)

I need to throw out at least one bag of clothes. However, the second I begin to throw something out I think of some "brilliant" new way to wear it or some extraordinary circumstance under which it would be normal to keep it.

What if I need to attend some fabulous event that requires me to wear red and I threw out the only fancy red dress I own? I would hate to have to go buy a new one after just getting rid of one...

What if we do a family photo-shoot in January and I must wear layers of blue and yellow clothes so that every layer matches and is color-coordinated?

Or, my favorite: This cardigan is getting old but I love it and it's the only one I have that I can wear with such-and-such in the summer. (I see the ridiculousness of keeping this type of stuff...but it happens.)

These are the questions that plague me and cause me to horde a bit more than I'd like.

And this is why I'm tempted to post pics of myself in every love-it-or-list-it piece of attire I own. But I won't. I love you all too much to make you do that. However, if you are my close friend, be aware that you might get random pictures of me in a red dress or a blue-and-yellow striped shirt with a question: Yay or nay?

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