Monday, July 14, 2014

on being still

Welp, I dropped off another care package for Sweet C at our agency's office today. A volunteer coordinator from our agency is headed to DRC soon, and she'll be delivering our care packages.

Have I mentioned before that by now I'd hoped to be traveling to DRC to meet C personally? Ho-hum...this adoption journey is getting tiring, and we haven't even been waiting as long as hundreds of parents who have already finalized their adoptions and are now just waiting for Exit Letters. Because of the Exit Letter suspension, many of them have been waiting almost three years to bring children home.

Three years.

I'll be back later this week to share what we sent in our package, but for now, an update on DRC adoptions:

I simply can't keep up with all that's going on in DRC or the US regarding DRC adoptions. Both Ends Burning is leading a major campaign to encourage the US to be proactive about bringing children home, and there are almost daily tasks and plans that we are all working to achieve.

And it appeared that we were making progress. To our amazement, four children received Exit Letters recently. (See this blog for an example. So THRILLED for this family!) Dr. Biden visited DRC and discussed the situation with important people there. I even got a friendly call-back from a staff member of our representative, Billy Long, regarding getting his help. (No signature on a Presidential letter from him, but the House did unanimously pass a bill to further the cause of DRC families, so at least that's something from him.)

Then DOS shared this adoption alert. So so disappointing. So not what we were hoping for or expecting. No one even really knows what this announcement means. It--apparently--means medically fragile kids won't be considered for Exit Letters at all until new adoption laws are being put into place. How long will that be? How many sick children will suffer because they can't get care they need? What will those laws be? Will international adoptions continue in DRC? (I have refused to ask this question for a long time...) I don't know. It hurts to think about it all sometimes.

But when I got in my car after reading this announcement, I got a friendly reminder that God is completely in control. (It's a good things we have the Seeds Family Worship CD in our car at all times. It is so helpful in setting me straight.)

"Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth." --Psalm 46:10

We (BEB Campaigners, adoptive parents, adoption supporters, worriers, stressers, mamas, daddies) can make phone calls and contacts and plans and proclamations and angry statements as much as we want, but God is absolutely and completely in sovereign control, and He can turn this thing around any second He wants. He can shock us and move mountains and change hearts and even send locusts if He chooses to do so. I go to bed every night PLEADING for Him to shock us all by turning this around and bringing kids home earlier than any of us could imagine. He is in control, and I believe he is teaching me (the overactive busybody) to be still through this.

That said, I am in no way saying that we shouldn't fight for these children. WE SHOULD fight for every child, because life is important. That is why I call and email my senators and representatives whenever it's needed. I LONG for the day when I can tell Sweet C that we fought for her and others like her. Because they're worth it.

However, we fight while knowing that God is in control. And with that knowledge, we can be still.

(And we maybe cry a little bit, too. Because waiting is still hard.)

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