Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Care package #2

Apparently I like pink more than I would like to admit. This my first attempt at a care package:

I will say that I looked for other colors, but pink was EVERYWHERE.

However, we had to widdle it down a bit in order to make it fit into a gallon-size Ziploc bag. The pink-striped cat had to make the cut because the boys picked it out for her. (They love her so much already...Brody's little prayers melt my heart every night: "God...Please be with my baby sister and keep her healthy and bring her home soon."

In PJs and underwear. What a life. 
But we settled on this:
Toothbrush and paste
baby wash
two dresses, in which she will be adorable!! (I saved the biggest ones to take to her when I travel...still hoping I get over there soon)
the stuffed cat
a necklace and note of gratitude for C's foster mother (written in French...thank you Jeffrey!!)

Although the technical language spoken is Lingala, it is a
derivative of French, so I'm hoping C's foster mom can figure it out.

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