Monday, July 21, 2014

Brecken is two!!

Today is Brecken's second birthday, but since we already celebrated with cake and candles we are just hanging out and having fun all day. We haven't done this in a while so I think he'll enjoy it.

Brad built and painted a sandbox for the boys on Saturday, so they are enjoying some peace in the shade of a big maple tree in the front yard. 

This sandbox might be life-changing. Very few fights so far, and I can watch them from the living room if I want to get housework done--which I'm not doing yet today because it's too nice outside and I can blog on my phone in the shade.

PawPaw brought some Tonka trucks. Every boy's dream come true!

(Also, I made a mental note that Brad Is kind of a handy man. He has tried to fool me all along, but in the last two months he has single-handedly replaced the starter of my car, fixed our AC, and built a sandbox, among other things. I'm onto you, Handy Bradlee. Next up: Window boxes.)

We got Brecken a little water table for his birthday, and I'm thinking it's going to see a lot of action this summer, too, particularly now that it's actually beginning to feel like summer. 

This has been a quick update on life with the Lotz fam. Now I'm off for some more fun.

I'll leave you with this. It may just be my favorite Brecken picture of all time. He begged to have those goggles on, then gave us this level of excitement after he got them. A perfect depiction of his little personality.

 Happy birthday, little Brekkie. You sure know how to keep us laughing and on our toes!

(If you're bored, head over to some of my previous posts about DRC adoption. I've attracted a couple of haters who occasionally spew ignorance and hatred all over the place. It's entertaining. And don't let any of them get to you. They don't get to me because they are clueless. Props to Brandon for trying to set them straight, but ignorant people don't listen all that well so he has an uphill battle.)

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