Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stitch Fixed

I got my first ever Stitch Fix to our front porch yesterday, and it was pretty thrilling for Brody...Until he found out the box wasn't for him, and it contained clothes. Poor kid.

I, on the other hand, was over the moon when I learned via email that it had been dropped off. If you don't know, Stitch Fix allows you to create a personality and fashion profile and then has someone "shop" for you and send clothes. You try them on and choose what you want to keep or send back. It costs $20, but you can apply that toward anything you buy (brilliant). I kind of see the $20 shipping fee as payment for a form of entertainment. Who doesn't like to get stuff delivered to their front door?

(Confession: I don't like to admit it, but I really like to shop. I just think it's fun. However, I don't buy much and I don't do it often because my kids just can't handle it yet. Brecken somehow ALWAYS poos when I enter a store, and he needs his space when he is pooing, so he gets VERY active and can't be held. I recently read that trying to hold a toddler who doesn't want to be held is like trying to hold a break-dancer who can't stop dancing. SO TRUE. Brody just wants to touch everything, and I don't need to buy a broken vase I never wanted in the first place.)

Anyway, it came in a box like this:

And it contained the following items:

I rock the iPhone photo. Not the best quality but the most efficient.
Daniella Blue Cinch Waist Blouse ($38)
Kassidy Open Lattice Tank ($48)
Crista 3/4 Sleeve Lace Shirt (along with a white tank top that I am guessing goes with it, because this top is truly see-through) ($48)
Elliot Cargo Pocket Shorts ($68)
Gem Stone Long Necklace ($36)
A personalized card to explain why "my stylist" chose specific items for me and pictures that show me how to wear the items (GENIUS)

I have to admit, I liked EVERYTHING they sent. They aren't necessarily items I would have picked out in a store (and part of the reason for that is the price), but I did think they were pretty cute. I'm not saying they all looked good on me, but just looking at them...pretty cute stuff! They used my Pinterest board (to which I included a link with my profile) to see what I liked, by the way. This just goes to show that my conceptual style is not awful; it's my physical style that gets me hung up a bit.

So here are my pics...

Disclaimer: These were terribly awkward and slightly painful for me to have taken and they are hard to post. I don't post selfies, and no one needs to see this many pictures of me. However, I need some input besides that of my three-year-old, which I have included here. I have until Saturday to decide what to keep and what goes back.

First up, the blue blouse:

Forgive the goofy grin. This is the sort of smile you give your three-year-old.

I asked Brody if he liked it and he responded with "No, it's too big for you. You need to try on something else." He's not lacking on opinions, people.

I like it, but it does feel a bit baggy. Maybe it's supposed to fit like that...this is where I have problems in discernment. :o)

Next up, the pink tank, which I liked from the get-go when I saw it in the styling guide:

Brody: "Yeah! Mommy, that's really nice! You can sleep in it every night. That's really nice." This was a hit with him.

It's a hit with me, too. I especially like the open back with the button closure up-top.

Next, the coral lace shirt:

That's my back. It looks very similar to my front. What can I say...? Weird. Freaky weird.

Brody: "I like the pink one, Mommy." (Clearly, he knows me well.)

I kind of liked this one, and I especially liked the zipper in back (my pic would not work with me) and the lower back, but I'm not sure about the fringy bottom or the short white tank underneath. Doesn't look very cohesive. Or something.

Next, the cargo shorts (pictured with the long necklace and a cute three-year-old):

Brody: "I want to wear those. Do they have those in little boy sizes?"

I liked them, too, but I can't justify the $68 price tag. I feel the weight of accountability for money we spend because of all of the adoption fundraising we've done. Nearly 100 bucks for a pair of shorts--cute as they are--just doesn't sit well with me. (Side note: For a quick glimpse into our current adoption, go here and here. For adoption fundraising ideas go here, and for adoption grant info, click here.)

Lastly, the necklace. I really like this one, but it's not a $36-type of 'like.' My boys like to play in my jewelry, crafting belts out of wrap bracelets and big earrings into hats for the cat, so it's best to keep my purchases in the five-and-under realm. I'm pretty sure our duct work has a hefty collection of earrings.


Nothing in our house is safe or sacred, people.

Sooo, any input on this Stitch Fix? The pieces are a bit expensive for my taste, considering I shop at places like Target, Old Navy, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. However, since I already paid $20 for the shipment and it can be applied to anything I buy, I don't want to "waste" it by not getting something to keep. (Irrational, I know. I'm okay with it today.) To be fair, Stitch Fix did state from the beginning that most pieces would be in the $60 range.

I should also mention that if you want to try it you can follow this link to do so, and it will give me a $25 credit with them. Again, genius. Or you can go here to give my friend a $25 credit. She's an adoptive mama, too. We adoptive mamas will take any credit we can get. :o)

Want to know what I kept and what I sent back? See my post here.

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