Monday, June 23, 2014


We have some happy adoption news to report, in contrast to my long and rambling post about the wait yesterday. Oh, the roller coaster ride of emotions and situations...

Last Friday was the postmark deadline for our Hand in Hand matching grant donations, and we are so very happy and humbled to say that we met the goal (with a few very timely and sizable donations)! This means that donors--our friends and family--sent $3,5000 to Hand in Hand, which HnH then matched, doubling the total amount raised for our adoption to $7,000. Thank you soo soo much to those of you who made this happen. We did nothing but fill out paperwork, and our friends and family (along with HnH, of course) did the rest. You all are amazing, and we can't wait to tell C about the love and support you've given to bring her into our family.

But that's not all. On Friday, we ALSO received a $500 check from Families Outreach, a grant-making organization based in Jonesboro, Arkansas.Yippee, and THANK YOU to them!

Do you know what this means? This means we are almost fully funded!! I haven't done the math in a while, but the last time I checked we were within a few thousand dollars of our goal (barring extra travel, longer stays in DRC, etc).

This also means my bags are basically packed and ready for me to go meet Sweet C and get our paperwork filed. Bring on that day! (Please, Lord, I'm begging you.)

(More adoption grant info here. I will need to update the chart to indicate a few more received grants. I'm not opposed to that!)

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