Friday, June 27, 2014

doing the math {adoption math, that is}

Here I am, back with an adoption grant chart and some happy numbers for you. We are incredibly grateful for the grants we have received from such wonderful organizations. 

Click to enlarge, or I can email you this chart if you'd like a closer look. 
Here's the math on what we've received and how much we have left to pay:

We have already paid $11,443 (including some outrageous medical fees, expensive vaccinations, etc. that aren't included in the estimated total cost). Because we haven't been billed for anything recently--as our case seems to be at an absolute standstill--all of the grant monies are still undispersed, waiting to be used, and the other donated money is still in third-party organizations such as AdoptTogether and Lifesong for Orphans.

But look up there closely! What?!? I guess you could say we are fully funded!!! Stop sending us money, people! I know you probably wanted to, but we don't need it. (However, I have a feeling we will have to spend more than $5K on travel, sooo...) :o)

Anyway, doing a happy dance over here and sending encouragement to people who think they can't adopt because they don't have enough money. People, we have absolutely AMAZING friends who have jumped alongside us so often we can't even keep track of everything they've done!!

Now, we just wait and pray that we can get through court ASAP. My bags are packed to go visit!

(For our adoption timeline, go here. For details about how we planned and executed our adoption dinner fundraising info, go here and here. For grant info, go here.)

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