Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the unintended fundraiser

If you haven't noticed, I've taken a step back from the blogging shenanigans for a while. I love writing and I'll get back into it soon, but the weather is pretty amazing outside and I can choose to stay inside and write like a nerd on my computer or enjoy it with my family. (Note: I have posted a few times without Tweeting it. If you'd like to catch up, scroll down.)

However, today I do have some things to share.

One of them is a huge thank you. In March I participated in a cold water challenge because my cousin dared me to do it and I just cannot say no to this sort of thing. I jumped into cold pond water, donated to the Springfield Pregnancy Center and challenged my husband and some of our friends from church to participate by jumping into cold water and donating money to a charity of their choice.

But it turned into a game of telephone, in a way.

We jumped and donated to a general charity. Our friends chose to send their donations to the "Lotz/Castro adoption fund," which isn't even a real thing (but we appreciate it!). They challenged other people we knew to do the cold water challenge, and those people then donated to the "Lotz adoption fund, "challenged other people we sort of knew, who then donated to the "Lotz adoption charity," then challenged people who didn't even know us.

And even some of those people, who had only heard our names in a cold water challenge, committed to donate to the "Lotz adoption foundation."

What in the world?! We watched as people in video after video committed to donate. We did not intend for this to be an adoption fundraiser, but it became one (and honestly, I felt a little guilty about it!). People sent us $400-$500 in donations from all areas of the United States and all sorts of branches off of the same cold water challenge (which began in Marshfield, MO, I believe)! We are overwhelmed by the amazing, spontaneous generosity of our friends and of people we hardly know.

And the money is still coming in. Thank you, thank you!

And along those same lines, we have some more good news: HandinHand Christian Adoption, Inc. has awarded us a matching grant up to $7,000. (We just learned about this opportunity over the weekend...wish it had come before the cold water challenge!!)

This means that if we can raise $3,500 by JUNE 20, 2014, they will match every penny, doubling our money to $7,000! This is HUGE. 

I sincerely hate to ask for donations now, particularly after we have just received such an outpouring of love and assistance, but if you were already planning to donate anyway but were waiting on a good time to do so, this is your chance to double the impact of your dollar. Additionally, all donations are tax-deductible.

Please, if you do choose to donate, let me know so I can give you full details (they are pretty specific about check-writing/addressing envelopes). I'd also like to keep a tally of the amount of money coming in. Any amount they receive over $3,500 will be put into the general adoption fund for other families. While this is good news for other families, we know that you would probably like to support people you know.

Again, PLEASE do not feel like you have to donate to this fund. The timing is unfortunate, as I feel weird asking right now, but the opportunity is here and we have to jump on it.

We continue to pray for an Act of Adoption within the month, as we believe adoption laws are up for a vote and may be changing in June. We don't know what the new laws will be, but we believe it will be a lot easier if our court case is over before the change.

Thank you all so much for your support!

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