Thursday, May 15, 2014


I've entered a contest that involves voting. Just add it to the list of 737 other things I said I'd never do but have now done.

I just couldn't resist. Noonday Collection (a company I admire that makes stuff for which I drool all over myself) has a contest going on. It involves submitting an "essay" or a video that describes why they should pick you to go advocate with them in Rwanda.

And guess who else is going...

Maybe this girl:

Jen Hatmaker
Jen Hatmaker
You might know her for being generally awesome and writing some of the most heartfelt, encouraging and hilarious posts you'll ever read here.

And this girl:

Jennie Allen
Jennie Allen
You might know her for founding the IF Gathering, which brought together 40,000+ women from all sorts of backgrounds for fellowship, discipleship, and wisdom-sharing.

Who else is going? Only a plethora of awesome women with whom I wouldn't mind serving in Rwanda. From my understanding, we will be meeting the artisans who make the beautiful jewelry for Noonday Collection. Stuff like this, which I bought in support of my friend's adoption from Ethiopia.

Bloomed Trio Bracelet
And lucky you, if I win I would for sure be able to share every juicy and exciting detail of this trip of a lifetime. (Well, maybe it's not "the trip of a lifetime"...meeting my daughter and bringing her home will probably earn that honor, but this will be close.)

But seriously, please go vote for me. Use the link below, click past the subscription link (or subscribe, if you'd like), then scroll to the bottom of the page and click vote. After that, you'll have to confirm your vote. Then you're done. Repeat tomorrow and on every computer and phone you own. :o) (If you get redirected, by chance, get to the main contest page and then go to page three. Look for my ugly mug kissing Brad while holding the Littles upside-down in the air. This is normal behavior for us; is it not for you?)


Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, tag it, share it, whatever. I want to do this so badly I can almost feel the sweat pouring out of my armpits, see the volcano bursting, and hear the children chattering!.

(On a side note, in Carr's Orphan Justice, I am reading about the enormous steps Rwanda has taken to provide brighter futures for orphaned children. I think we could all learn from the rapid adjustment in how they do orphan care. It's a pretty incredible nation, if you ask me.)

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