Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DRC adoptions--In motion

Like it or not, I'm back to blogging. I intend to post about three times a week from here on out. We will see how that goes, but things have been hopping around here so I will probably have plenty of writing material.

I have plenty about which to write today, in fact, but my first topic is this: Italian and Belgium families apparently traveled to DRC over the long weekend to bring their adopted children home. This is so huge! It proves that there is MOVEMENT.

The first info I saw about this came from someone whose adoption agency had stated that 27 Italian families were cleared to get their children and bring them home. Then it was confirmed that 27 families had received Exit Letters from DGM. Yay for those families and their children!

Last night (well technically, 3:45 this morning, when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep), I learned that 6 children adopted by Belgian parents arrived in Belgium with their parents! Families are being united!!

News regarding Italy's big adoption event:
Italian Commission for International Adoption - This article indicates that the US might also receive Exit Letters soon, but we haven't heard anything from our officials at the Embassy.
Children Deserve Families' report

News regarding Belgium's happy event

Also, I had a dream on Sunday night that our agency's DRC director told me she knew when C was coming home but she couldn't tell me yet. I know that is not necessarily true, but it's still something! (Yes, I might be grasping, but wouldn't you?)

Please keep praying for more positive news regarding DRC adoptions! I am still begging God to pass us through court before June 1. Big request, I know. But he is a big God.

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