Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another adoption update

There's not much to say, really. We are still waiting and praying through this process of DRC adoption.

We are in the final stages of court...Just waiting on the email with our Act of Adoption and the announcement that she is our DAUGHTER.

I, being the impatient one in this matter, finally texted my friend who helps in our adoption agency's DRC program. I told her the latest info I had on our case. Her response: "You are getting close, but this last step hasn't been too quick lately." I didn't even ask if she meant "not-too-quick-as-in-several-months" or "not-too-quick-as-in-several-weeks." I don't know if I want to know.

Regarding DRC adoptions, they are still processing, but they are slow-going, as indicated by my friend's response. The DRC adoption community, in conjunction with Both Ends Burning (creators of the Stuck documentary), have worked extremely hard to gain the US's assistance in bringing children home from DRC. Through our combined efforts, 113,000 letters were sent to Congress and 169 Congressional signatures were gathered on a letter to the president and prime minister of DRC. Kerry also addressed the issue on his trip to DRC last week, so we are hopeful that the US can work with DRC to come up with a satisfactory plan for everyone involved.

It is our belief that the US State Department isn't doing enough for the families who have children in DRC that cannot come home because of the Exit Letter suspension. the DOS doesn't even have a list of US families effected, despite the eight months they've had to do so. In addition, from what I understand of the US Embassy workers in DRC, they are not what most would consider helpful or expedient. (I have no personal experience with them, so I cannot assert this as fact.)

I know that some people might see the long wait (or even an added wait of a day or two) as insignificant, but  from experience I know that a day can change everything. Dysentery, malaria, yellow fever...all are very real threats in DRC, particularly to vulnerable children without families. While I know that C is being taken care of in an amazing, loving way, I know that others remain in orphanages and unsafe areas and aren't even allowed to be moved.

Your continual prayers and support are felt and appreciated. Specifically, we are praying for softened hearts and an expedient court process that is finalized this month.

Yep, we knew this would be hard. But here we are, because she's worth it.

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