Monday, April 7, 2014

Three specific reasons Congress should listen

Here are two AMAZING reasons it's important for Congress to inquire about the on the Department of State's delay in working on behalf of US families and children in DR Congo:

Baby Joshua, found in DRC weighing under 2lbs.

He now looks like this!!! (Due to an emergency Exit Letter 
and excellent medical care in the states.

Sweet Imara, who was abused and tortured 
because extended family believed her to be a witch. 

And here she is now. 
What a difference! 

Clearly, both of these children are still battling through some pretty major health challenges, but without the persistence of our adoption agency, some open hearts in Congo, and some clear MIRACLES, they didn't stand much of a chance. 

Currently, the Congolese office that issues Exit Letters says none will be given to anyone, even those with severe medical issues. Sadly, just yesterday morning I read that a little girl with a family that was waiting to bring her home died because she couldn't get an emergency exit letter for medical purposes. She was very sick and needed immediate care in an advanced facility, but red tape prohibited her from getting it. This should not happen when care is available.

So really, there are THREE reasons--two successes and one tragic loss--that our Congress should be checking on the Department of State to make sure they are doing everything possible to work with DRC to find a solution to this problem. DRC has every right to make sure adoptions are processed ethically and legally; however, lives should not hang in the balance to do so. (And, no, I don't really blame DRC for checking on adoption cases, I just wish they'd do it quicker. I do blame people who have not acted ethically for some of these delays in adoption. But that is for another day.)

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