Wednesday, April 23, 2014

still dreaming

From the beginning, we have said that we are "dreaming big" for this adoption. We even printed that phrase on our adoption t-shirts.

And lately, people have been telling me they've actually had dreams with C in them. It's a bit weird, because I get a little jealous when people see C in their dreams. (Why am I not able to see her and hold her in mine?? Instead, I have dreams about waking up super late for school--which happened in reality this morning.)

However, it is cool to hear about the dreams featuring our girl.

For example, Brad dreamed we were headed over to DRC to get her and bring her home on September 21. I am hoping that it's true (in 2014, not 2015), but in reality it probably isn't, due to the fact that we have been waiting five months to get our Act of Adoption, and this isn't even the longest part of adoption from DRC. (Sadly, the longest part is waiting for the US Embassy to do investigations, which can take 5-10 months. Good job, US.)

And Emily, one of our amazing nannies, recently had a dream that C was home with us. Emily said she came home one day to find C on my lap, just like it was the most normal and natural thing ever, like she'd been there for a while and all three little Lotz's were just playing as usual. Oh, how I wish that were true.

I read this morning that another family (who has also lost children in DRC and are currently continuing their journey of adoption from DRC) received Act of Adoption paperwork for their kids today. This has given me some hope that MAYBE our Act of Adoption will come soon, as that family accepted their second referrals just after we accepted ours for C. I haven't heard news of adoptions getting through court recently, and I was worried they had stalled out with the suspension of Exit Letters, even though that wasn't the official word.

So there's a little bit of hope that we'll get some fun paperwork and we might get to go visit our girl soon.

But for now, we wait until that dream is a reality.

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