Monday, April 28, 2014

Seeing C

Even amongst the latest disappointing news that adoptive parents will not be allowed to obtain visas to visit their adopted children in DRC for a certain amount of time, I had a sweet dream Saturday night.

If you read my post last week, you learned that other people have had dreams of Sweet C. I was feeling a bit left out of those Sweet dreams and talked to God about it.

And he responded with a brief and blurred dream, which was all I really needed. 

In it, I had my hands full, kneeling down with either Brecken or both Brecken and Brody, and when I looked up I saw her. Well, I didn't really see her; I simply knew her. She was walking toward me, and I thought aloud, "So you CAN walk! They didn't tell me you could do that yet!"

I was absolutely thrilled to see it in my dream, and I'll be thrilled to see it in real life, when that day comes. Please continue praying for the adoption process in DRC. Hundreds of families are waiting for their children to come home.

(I will also say that Secretary of State John Kerry will be visiting DRC as part of his trip to sub-Saharan Africa this week. I am drafting a letter to "his people" to request that he discuss adoption during his visit. If you'd like to join me, comment here or send me an email. His visit begins TOMORROW, so this is urgent.) 

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