Friday, April 4, 2014


As an adoptive mom, I see HUNDREDS of stories every week about children who are aging out of the system. "Aging out" means they will NEVER have a family, and they will be on their own to fend for themselves the rest of their lives. Can you imagine?

It's hard to hear the stories and imagine what life will be like for them unless something changes.

So then I start researching 15-passenger vans while my husband shakes his head at me. (He'd be researching it, too, if he wasn't so stinking realistic.)

Truth be told, we can't afford to help all of them through adoption. But maybe we can help in other ways, and I'm going to try.

I feel compelled to share information about a precious boy who needs a family, just in case there is ONE family out there who might be able to help.

He goes by JM. He is twelve years old and from Philippines. He desperately needs a Christian home where he can be the youngest or only child. (This is not because of anything he has done, but because he will thrive best under the direction and protective covering of older siblings or parents).

JM was matched with a family that quickly fell in love with every little piece of him, but due to a crisis situation they were unable to finalize his adoption. Now he is just WAITING in an orphanage in the Philippines for a family to come claim him as their own child, and his time is running out. 

From mere pictures, it's hard for us to even understand the depths of his sweet personality, his desperate desire to have a family and the immediate need for a family to find him. He can't seek out a family on his own, you see. A family must FIND HIM and CLAIM HIM and LOVE HIM as their own. 

The woman who shared his story told me that, "without a doubt, if he does not find a family NOW his chances are very, very slim at ever finding one."

Oh, the heartbreak! Yet his pictures don't show it. He looks like THE HAPPIEST, most content, adventurous little boy I've ever seen. I have been told that he is smart, very athletic, and extremely cute. It helps that he is LOVING LIFE in every picture I have seen.

(UPDATE: The pictures I have are of when he was with the family that hoped to adopt him, which explains that amazing smile. Double heartbreak: being THAT CLOSE to having a family and not seeing it happen. I hope he is smiling as he waits. It's the most glowing and joyful smile I've seen in a long time.) 

Can you imagine just waiting for someone to claim you? It's unfathomable to me, yet it's happening to him (and thousands of others) and he has done nothing to deserve it.

I have four pictures in my hand but am unable to share them publicly. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about him or seeing his pictures.

Prayers for and hugs to JM. He deserves a family. 

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