Friday, April 18, 2014


It's Good Friday. It's April 18. We have much to celebrate. 

Clearly, we celebrate Christ's work on the cross and His resurrection. We celebrate God's perfect plan and His fulfilled promises. We celebrate the fact that it appeared death had won, BUT GOD. He had a bigger, mysteriously miraculous plan to overcome all earthly odds.

We celebrate the W. 

And today we, personally, celebrate other W's. 

On Good Friday three years ago we received the unbelievable news that we could bring Brody home to Missouri with us after five weeks of stress in Kentucky. We breathed a sign of relief as we crossed state lines with miraculous ICPC clearance to spend Easter with our home church and framily (shout out to Sprint for the terminology). 

It's also April 18. On this date two years ago we finalized our adoption of Brody. The odds were against us. Things looked bleak for a long time. We imagined the worst for ourselves and a future without Brody.

But God.  

Again, God had a plan. We breathed a sigh of relief as His bigger, mysteriously miraculous plan worked for our good once again.

So, today, we celebrate. (Awkward smiles and all.)

These are our miraculous children. (We celebrate most things with cupcakes and these are the faces they make when I tell them to smile...what can I say?)

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