Monday, March 10, 2014

this kid

This little guy turned three years old yesterday, and I can hardly fathom where the three years has gone. To be sure, he has quite a crazy little adoption story himself, but that's for another time.

Today, I will share three amazing things I love about our little three-year-old. (Clearly, I can list thousands of things to love about him, but these three just encompass Brody's heart so well.):

1. He thinks about other people (most of the time, you know). We will be praying before bed, and all of a sudden he will jump in with "And please be with Baby Harper." (Harper is our friends' baby, who was born a few months ago needing heart surgery). Or he will jump in with "Be with Granny" or "Help Mike's back to feel better." Yes, I know he says these things because we have prayed for these things with him, BUT he comes out of nowhere in the middle of the day sometimes. "Mommy, is so-and-so feeling better?" "MeMaw, are you feeling better?"

When my Granny was in the hospital due to a bad fall, Brody was OH-SO sweet about touching her hand and telling her to feel better soon, then telling my mom (who had been at the hospital every waking hour) that she was beautiful. What a great kid we have!

Another example: Last night Brad took some of our leftover cupcakes to the home of our friends Marcus and Abby to share them with a few guys in leadership training with Brad. (Side note: They refer to themselves as the Sons of Thunder...pretty awesome). Brad took the cupcakes and told Brody he was going to share them because it's always good to share our stuff with others. He then said he would tell Marcus and Stephen Brody was sharing them and Marcus and Stephen would probably have a message for Brody when he returned home.

When Brad went to take Brody to bed, he asked, "Dad, did Marcus like the cookies?" (He meant cupcakes...) Brad said Marcus did like the cupcakes, so Brody returned with, "Did Marcus have a message for me?"

This kid remembers everything, and he loves everyone.

2. He calls me beautiful. Yes, he has been trained by his dad to tell me I'm beautiful, but it still makes my day. And sure, he sometimes uses the line when he knows he might get into trouble for something. But he also just says it out of nowhere to be sweet. Some mornings, he will wake up and say, "Good morning, Mommy," then cup his little hands around my tired, morning-drawn face and say, "You're beautiful." It will never get old.

3. He is a great big brother to Brecken. They fight, but most of the time it's play fighting, and Brecken thinks it's hilarious. But Brody also makes sure Brecken has snacks, and he makes sure we hear Brecken when he wakes up from naps. And he gets ANGRY when Brecken gets in trouble, even if Brecken is in trouble for hitting Brody. (Seriously, SO ANGRY.) But it's awesome, because he is sticking up for his brother, and we think that's important.

Just three of the many reasons Brody has rocked our world in the best ways possible. (Forgive me for the proud mom post. I couldn't help it.)

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