Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This happened

It all started with a little cold water. And a challenge.

My cousin posted a video to Facebook in which she jumped into extremely cold water and challenged others to do the same. (It may be early March, but it's still so cold snow fell in our area Tuesday.) My cousin also pledged a donation to her charity of choice, and challenged her sister and me to do the same. 

She knows I like a good challenge. I once jumped out of an airplane while on a break from my summer camp job, just to say I did the most extreme thing ever on a break. I also ran a marathon in Alaska once, despite my then-hatred for running at the time--just to say I did it (Bonus: It was for a good cause).

(Don't judge my speaking skills here; I sound like I have a lisp. Whatev.)

So, of course, I completed the challenge Monday night in a pond down the road. I pledged my donation to the Springfield Pregnancy Care Center (such a great place!!) and challenged my husband and our friends to do the same.

And they did. 

And, as an unexpected bonus, they pledged donations to the Lotz/Casto adoptions. (The Castros just brought their little guy home from Kentucky, and he is a CUTIE!) Our friends have already donated to our adoption fund, so we don't really expect them to do it again, but the very fact that they mentioned it was a great gesture of friendship and solidarity for the cause of adoption. It was heartwarming, despite the frigid temperatures. Another bonus: Our specific adoptions got some major shout-outs, because this thing is taking off.

Oh, and the guys squealed like little girls. Evidence:

Moral of the story: We have great friends and families.

I have been trying to think of a way to one-up this challenge, as it truly was exhilarating and awesome. Any ideas? (I already have an idea for a fundraiser for next winter...we'll see if I follow through with it.)

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