Tuesday, March 25, 2014

cappuccino punch {how i cope}

Some of you who don't really know me in person might be under the false impression that I'm a health nut or hippie something, based on my anti-microwave post and my post about using cloth diapers (which we still use for Brecken when I'm home, by the way).

In case you do believe I'm a health nut, you obviously don't follow me on Twitter, where I post regularly about my ice cream and chocolate habits.

I may have unintentionally misled you, and I apologize.

Case in point: The other day, I was up early before school, making my usual coffee drink. Brody woke up and came in, still groggy, to ask for juice.

I told him it was too early for juice and to go back to bed, and as I was taking him back he said, "But Mommy, can I have ice cream?"

"Oh, no, Brody. It's too early for ice cream." (In denial regarding my own ice cream habits, obviously.)

"But why did you have ice cream in there?" he said as he pointed to the kitchen.


Yes, my morning coffee drink includes ice cream. (And chocolate syrup, which he didn't see.) Sue me.

But it's GOOD, and I'm going to share it with you here because, if you're like me, the mornings are getting to you. (This is our first week back from Spring Break. Ouch.)

For you, in case you need something amazing in life to help you wake up, get out the door, or function, in general.

Boom. The best cold coffee drink ever. (Drink your heart out, Starbucks.) If you become an addict a pro like me, you will soon learn how to cheat the system and make your own personal-sized cappuccino punch.

This drink is how I cope with early mornings, toddler visits in the night, the wait of an adoption, and getting old. Enjoy!

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