Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5K the Kenyan Way {for clean water}

At the end of a post a while back, I mentioned that you should keep your calendars open for April 26th. I probably should have explained that a bit better, as I kept it to "We are not renewing our wedding vows," and people got a little worried, excited, and/or apprehensive about it.

Here's the deal: On April 26th, I want you to do a "5K the Kenyan Way."

Let me explain: You can choose between a mile walk/jog or a 5K run, but here's the catch: I'm asking you to consider literally walking it or running it like a Kenyan: In bare feet or sandals. Obviously, this is not a must, but I think you should at least consider it just for kicks (haha...punny). If you haven't heard, barefoot/minimalist running is kind of a thing.

But seriously, you can you can wear well-cushioned shoes if you'd like. No one will judge you.

WHY? Because Generation Next is hosting a mile walk/5K fundraiser on April 26 to benefit the children who attend their school, "Pamoja" (meaning "Together") in Kenya. Specifically, the 5K will help bring clean water to the school.

Clean water. There it is again. Who knew it was so hard to come by? I am learning so much about its importance and the devastating effects that a lack of it can cause. (More on that here and here, if you're new to the blog and you'd like some back story).

Speaking of clean water, I have recently felt the effects of the lack of clean water, as our family just lost our supply of clean water from our well and had to install a new well pump. Very costly, let me tell you, but not as costly as not having clean water. (And God is still trying to drill that truth through my tiny, whiny head that is currently kicking and screaming three-year-old-temper-tantrum-style, saying, "This is not fair!" and asking, "Where is my God thing?!")

But back to Kenya. The children and adult workers at Pamoja walk 5K or more to and from school and get clean water, and they do it joyfully because they have the opportunity. If anything is not fair, this is not fair. (My husband and I drove a little over 5K to our relatives' house to take a shower last night, and I complained in my head about the inconvenience and the costs the whole time. Soemtimes I have heart issues.)

So relatively, a 5K isn't much, but it's something. And it's something you can do to help. So come run with us. Or run from your own state (or your own country, dear German, Italian and elsewhere-ian readers).

Or if you TRULY hate running, come volunteer with us or help us as a sponsor.

It costs $20 to register beforehand or $25 on the morning of the event. You can also register your entire family for $45, and OF COURSE you will get a t-shirt! Register here, then head out to the Branson RecPlex at or after 8 am on April 26th to check in and get your run on. The mile will begin at 9 am with the 5K to follow.

Haven't trained in a while? Me neither. Don't stress about it. Let's just go have some fun by getting a taste of what the people of Kenya experience. And let's change some lives!

(If you've missed the information about the nonprofit Generation Next, which was started by a 13-year-old and has impacted approximately 2,000 lives in Kenya and locally, check this out as a sort of "Generation Next in two minutes or less.")

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