Friday, February 28, 2014

How (not) to respond when people think you're crazy

I've answered a lot of questions lately regarding my resignation from teaching and coaching:

What's the plan?
So you are just going to stay home?
How will you make money?
So you're just not going back to work?

These are all hard questions, and questions I don't blame anyone for asking.

Some might think I should be asking myself more questions about the plan more often; maybe I should be.

But the truth is, I've asked them all, and I've asked them often. I've gotten a pretty clear answer, although I can't expect that any of you would believe me or completely understand my decision.

It does, in fact, appear that my Type A personality has taken a crash course in Crazy.

I don't blame people for wondering and worrying about our future. I've don't plenty of that myself.

After all, we are completing a very expensive adoption, and I did just resign from the best job for which I could have ever asked, where I work with great people in a beautiful atmosphere. (And it hurts a bit that it's a relatively well-paying job...just ask the local sports writer who felt the need to publish all coaching salaries to his 12-person audience of readers.) Oh yes, and my husband does work in an excellent school district that  also just happens to be one of the worst-paying districts in our area. 

So the questions are okay, although I will admit that they make me a bit uneasy and I don't really have a great response to them.

In general, I don't recommend any of the following responses, and I may or may not have learned this from experience:

1. God told me to do it. (Ok, yes, it is true that God has a plan for me; however, I refuse to make this my go-to line. I have discovered a lot about myself; I have found my goals to be rapidly realigning; I feel the need to do something outside of teaching. If I were to say "God told me to do it," I imagine that would offend someone, confuse someone else, and annoy even another person. And there's no need.)

2. I'll figure it out. (Nothing like letting people know, without a doubt, that you're clueless about your future.)

3. (**CRY**) (Ooh-kaaayyy...)

4. I'm starting my own business. (It's called "Arbonne." Ok, yeah...You and two hundred million others started that business.)

5. I'm going to snuggle my babies. (As much as I'd like this to be the case, with boys age 19-months and nearly 3 years old, not a lot of snuggling will actually take place. Don't hate me; I'm just being realistic. Tackling, wrangling, treating wounds from "love pats" from one another...that's more than likely my reality.)

However, I can't figure out if I prefer the questions or the statement of "That was bold" that I received from one of my bosses when I fully resigned from teaching in addition to coaching, even when given the opportunity to take a different teaching position in our school (coaching was attached to my PE job).

"That was bold." I'll take it as a compliment, I suppose.

I'll be back next week with "THE PLAN" and more exciting news and information.

::HINT:: Save the date: April 26, 2014 (No, we are not renewing our marriage vows.)

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