Thursday, February 27, 2014

(hopeful) upcoming trip

In preparation for filing our I-600, I am TENTATIVELY planning to travel to DRC. The I-600 is the form that's used to classify an orphan as an immediate relative, and when it is filed the US Embassy begins to investigate said orphan to be certain she truly is an orphan.

I can file from the US through parcel delivery, but filing in country can knock up to two months off of the wait time to bring her home because it eliminates the document's bounce rate from department to department. That is, it decreases the wait time as long as Exit Letter issuance resumes soon.

But there's even more motivation to file paperwork in DRC: I would get to hold Sweet C. After seeing more video of her (we got another new video Monday!), my arms are aching to hold her and my ears are ringing for her giggle. I think that's enough of an excuse to visit, don't you? 

But that does mean I'll have to experience this:

Photo from

I just called the Health Department to schedule my vaccinations. I'll need the following before I go:

DTAP (because I am overdue)
Yellow fever
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B (possibly...anyone have thoughts on this?)

By the end of it, I'll look a little like this guy (but not as cute)...

That's Brecken, our 19-monther who received 3 shots and handled them like a boss. I only hope to handle them as well as he did.

I will also receive oral malaria meds to take before, during and after the trip.

Malaria...No thank you.

It's looking like another expensive visit to the doctor, but I'm going to say it's worth it to stay out of a Congolese hospital.

As far as timeline for this trip goes, I do not have a clue when (or even if...depending on the timing) it will happen. I had hoped to receive notification by now that we had passed court and could file our I-600 soon, possibly even during our Spring Break in March, but as the days pass that looks more and more unlikely. The general time frame for this is anywhere from 2 to 8 months. We are in month 3. I supposed it was wishful thinking that we would receive court documents this quickly, but I'll keep on praying for their speedy arrival.

Maybe I like to plan ahead. But maybe I just want to control something. At 6 PM next Tuesday I'll be one small step closer to Sweet C. I'll take what I can get.

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