Monday, February 24, 2014

140 million voiceless orphans {suppport CHIFF}

We received news regarding adoptions in DR Congo last Friday, and while it wasn't specific to our case, it was enough information to chew on for a bit, and it provided both, excitement and reservation.

Excitement because positive movement seems to be occurring in DRC regarding adoption, but reservation because we still aren't sure about Exit Letters, and there seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the state of affairs and the adoption process in DRC. So we pray for continued positive progress and clarity in DRC, for Sweet C and thousands of other children who need to receive their God-given right to a family.

And it's not just familyless children in DRC that need prayers and action; 140 million children around the world don't have families, or voices, or even a choice. Those MILLIONS need our support and our voices to help them stay with their families, get back with their families, or build new families.

I normally don't really get involved in politics or ask for support for certain legislation. In fact, this is really the only political matter with which I want to be associated, because I think it is important. There are a ridiculous number of arbitrary, redundant, and tricky obstacles to adoption, and I believe this legislation will make progress in cutting through the multiple layers of tape and getting children with their forever families faster. 

And that's why I am BEGGING you to make a call to your legislators and ask that he or she support CHIFF, Children in Families First. Emails and letters are great, but phone calls are exceedingly more effective. You can learn more about CHIFF here and see a list of endorsing partners and legislators here, but here are the basics (taken from the CHIFF website):
  • CHIFF establishes a bureau in the Department of State that will become the much needed foreign policy and diplomatic hub on international child welfare.  
  • CHIFF would streamline, simplify and consolidate responsibility for all processing of intercountry adoption cases by placing these functions under the direction of the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS).  
  • Focuses US Foreign investment on serving children in and through families:  
  • Increases protection for children and families by bringing the need for ethical, transparent and accountable child welfare systems to the forefront. 

In the true and concise words of CHIFF organizers, "The best protection for a child is a family. We protect children by preserving families, reunifying families or creating families through adoption."

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