Monday, January 13, 2014

mercy call {a name for Sweet C}

Time for an adoption update (because we finally do have some news to share).

We received commune documents for Sweet C last Friday. They were in French, so I had a hard time understanding them, despite my A+ in French IV way back in the day. (I am really good at learning in class...just not so good at real life.)

As I stated in an earlier tweet, the most French I remember from my HS class is, of course, the meaning to the lyrics from "Lady Marmalade," which our teacher was happy to share with us weekly. Goodness.

Our friend Jeffrey graciously offered to translate them for us, and we learned that the documents say the following: 

C was confirmed to be an orphan according to the commune in her specific commune (town), and no one has come to visit her at the orphanage. The documents also tell us the name of her caretaker. The council of the commune agreed unanimously to consent to our adoption of her. Also, her birthday is stated to be four days from Brecken's in July 2013. (He's our almost-18-month-old.)

All of that is to say, we have officially begun the court phase (might have actually begun it in November without knowing...woot, woot!), which will last anywhere from 2-8 months. 

This means the earliest we can bring C home (provided the DGM begins issuing Exit Letters soon) would be five months from now (provided we pass court quickly), due to the lengthy investigation process. 

The latest would be about 18 months from now. Sheesh. 

But we can be patient.

The other good news is this: We have chosen a name for her. We will not share the actual name right now, but a very literal translation is "Mercy Call."

We think that's pretty perfect. 

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  1. Yeah, I just Googled a whole host of combinations like "name means mercy call" and "mercy call name" to no avail. Alas, I shall have to wait alongside the rest of the interwebs for Baby C's name reveal. Love you friend!