Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Imara, rebel attacks, and a RUMOR

I mentioned in this post that there is a lot going on in DRC and in the adoption world. Allow me to give you a few tidbits of info along with some links.

Remember Imara, the 3-year-old girl in DRC with traumatic injuries due to abuse? She is still stuck in DRC! (Insert furious flailing of arms here.) In response to the attempted smuggling of Congolese children across the border and out if their country, the DGM (same entity that has suspended issuing Exit Letters to children who have been adopted) will not allow Congolese children to exit DRC with ANY foreigner, which has thrown a significant wrench in the plan to get her to the States for medical care. Honestly, it feels a bit like a sucker punch to anyone involved with her situation. She was SO CLOSE to getting the care she desperately needed (and still needs, by the way), but the well-being of children does not seem to be a top priority to this entity. This is unbelievable and ridiculous. According to the latest blog from our agency, she has been to the hospital three times in three days at the end of 2013. Lord, please move (more) mountains!

Oh, and the escort from our agency who went to DRC and worked so hard to get Imara here for care...she got malaria. And she was threatened with arrest. She is the same person who brought Baby Joshua (Read about him here) to the States (As in: She saved his sweet little life!); however, some Congolese officials said that she brought him here without the proper court paperwork (which is untrue...Congolese law changes so often that the law requiring the paperwork in question didn't even exist this summer when Joshua came to the States). Oy vay.

Oh, and the volunteer who went with our agency to assess the needs of the orphanage in which the 33 of 52 children died of dysentery (the orphanage where our twins were living)...he got robbed in the streets. Some people just don't get the appreciation they deserve (but nothing goes unseen and I have good reason to believe they will be getting an extra jewel or two in their crowns).

Also happening in DRC:

A rebel attack on a TV station, international airport and army posting.
Congolese security officers position themselves as they secure the street near the state television headquarters (C) in the capital Kinshasa, 30 December 2013
I took this pic from Reuters, and I don't feel bad about it, because they have effectively taken a lot more valuable things from adoptive parents (ie: time with their children, having their children home, etc.).

The President of DRC is now aware of and involved in the Exit Letter situation for those "stuck" in country and waiting with their children. Hopefully, this will help move things in a positive direction.
There was a RUMOR that DGM MAY lift the suspension on Exit Letters in February. REPEAT: RUMOR. (We are from the Show-Me State; Show us that this is the case, DRC.) Please pray it's true!
  • As a side note, I have signed this petition in support of a family that is stuck in DRC and receiving very little help from the US Embassy there. This is the first petition I've ever signed at, but I feel it's important. The US seems to do more harm than good in a lot of international adoptions, by either taking FOREVER to complete necessary investigations or by forcing children back into homes where they are not safe (I am all for family preservation and restoration but not at the risk of a child's safety.).
And there you have it. Continual prayers please! 

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