Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sweet C update

I haven't shared much recently about our process in adopting Sweet C, so this post will serve as a quasi-update. Honestly, there's not an overwhelming amount of news to report because we are just waiting to hear something about our case. DRC itself has a lot going on, which is why I haven't pressed our agency much regarding information about our case.

We have, however, gotten several pictures, a video, and a Christmas craft from DRC, which warms my heart to pieces (excellent timing on such cold days here in the Midwest). 

Here's a pic from our latest round of pictures, which we got at the end of November. I cropped closely and covered her face for safety reasons, but let me just tell you that under that heart is a precious face with bright eyes and a pouty smile. I'd say her Daddy will quickly and easily be wrapped around her little finger. (And that hair! I'm going to need an expert's help and several hundred headbands, which will probably be my go-to accessory.)

And here's a pic of her sweet little footprints. It came for us in the mail with a Christmas card. We can tell she's a wiggly little thing (and the card said as much), so she will fit in well here with our other two Littles.

We also got a video of her with the head of our agency, along with notes from her caretaker in DRC. The video features her as a fun-loving baby who interacts well, and the notes indicate the same. They say she is very happy, and she laughs a lot, babbles, and gets very excited when she sees people she knows. The video allowed us to get a closer look at the tremors/twitching she displays in her extremities, which is something we knew about when we accepted her referral; we are just able, now, to take a closer look. The tremors/stiffening happens particularly when she is excited, and may indicate a neurological problem or just an immature neurological system that will resolve itself as she gets older. There is no way to diagnose the problem or intervene from DRC, so we have to wait to get her home to get the help we might need. In the video, she exhibits great eye contact and interacts well, and our agency director says C's caretaker is not alarmed by her movements at all (and she has cared for countless babies!), which is encouraging. We hope to have our pediatrician look at the video next time we are in with one of the Littles.

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on grants and financials, and the next today I'll report on the happenings in DRC and international adoptions in general as of late. 

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