Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Game-changers {a new series}

Introducing a new post series I will call "Game-changers." What game am I talking about? The game of "how to attempt to do a million things every minute." I'm really good at it. Note: I said "attempt."

Today's game-changer: "Two minutes."

For the longest time, Brody has had a knack for saying "In two minutes?" I'm not sure where he came up with two minutes. It seems somewhat arbitrary. However, he is also obsessed with saying "my grandpa" and "booty" with roots that cannot be traced to any origin. That kid.

Here's an example: We might say something like, "Brody, we are going to church soon."

He will come back with "In two minutes?"

("No, in about 2.5 hours when we get the two of you fed, thirst-quenched, bathed and clothed appropriately.")

So I turned his "two minute" obsession around on him. He picks up his toys around the house often, but not in a timely manner. Before my game-changer, Operation Toy-Pickup usually went like this:

"Brody, go put away the toys in the living room, please."

"In two minutes?"

"No. Now." (Urgency, people.)

"Ok." **Goes to living room, finds basketball, begins shooting baskets**

"Brody, please put away your toys. You can play basketball later."

"Ok." **Puts basketball in toy basket, where he finds his toy truck and begins roaming it around the living room**

"BRO-dy, time to put your toys away!"

His response: "My BOO-ty." **while laughing and shaking his hips** (You see what I'm talking about? Obsessed with the word with no situational context in which to use it. Unless he is using it in context.)

I had read in a few places that it can be helpful to use a timer to indicate the importance of timeliness in obedience. Initially, I pridefully scoffed at the idea. First of all, who carries a timer around with them everywhere they go? It's ludicrous. Secondly, when I tell him to do something, I want him to obey immediately.

But after numerous booty dances and hundreds of toys remaining on the floor for too long, I remembered the two minute obsession. Our next conversation went like this:

"Brody, put your toys away please."

"In two minutes?"

"Yes. You have two minutes to put them away. I'm setting my timer (which is conveniently in my phone...ah-hem). If you can't get it done you will sit in the corner."


The concept was new to him, but after his first few failed attempts that led to him sitting his booty in the corner he got the idea: Mommy came to play.

And by the third attempt: GOLDEN.

Two minutes. A game-changer.

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