Friday, January 10, 2014

foggy friday

Things are changing, realigning, becoming new at the Lotz house. The Lotz adults are finding ourselves with some decently large, life-changing and challenging questions lingering around in our minds, and--like today in Missouri--it's a bit foggy at times. Some of these questions have been jostling around in there for ages, but some are more recent developments.

We are pondering questions like the following:
  • What do I want to be when I grow up?
  • What is most important in life?
  • What is important in our relationships with others?
  • What is important in our relationship with Christ?
  • What is important to teach our children?
  • What is most important in ministry?
  • What are the traits of good leaders (whether we are the leaders or the followers)?
  • Is mediocrity okay in some areas in exchange for greatness in others?
  • Quality or quantity?
  • Where is our time most effective?
  • How long can we wait for things to happen without changing something? (I am not referring to adoption in any way there....)
  • Do we really trust that God is in control? (Answer: YES. A resounding YES.)
Answers are developing for some of these questions, but for others, the answers come harder. What are your answers to these questions?

It's a deep, foggy Friday, folks.

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