Thursday, January 30, 2014

A birth mom phone call

If you follow me one Twitter, you may have seen this post:

Let me tell you about that phone call. From this earlier blog post, you might know that we made a Facebook profile for Brody in order to share pics with his birth mom easily. When we did that, we sent her a message, and she replied quickly, saying she would love to talk on the phone sometime. 

We called her by surprise last Monday, and it was the best phone call we have made in as long as I can remember. She was driving and so overcome with emotion she had to pull over so she didn't wreck. (Maybe we should have warned her about the call, but we were all home together one night and I was just excited to surprise her, so we did!)

Brody doesn't understand everything about adoption, but we often talk about how he is from Kentucky and his sister is in Africa. We also tell him that "J" is his birthmom and that he grew in her belly like Brecken grew in mine. He will understand it all someday, but we just laying the foundation for now. 

After we caught up with her a bit, Brody got to talk to her. He didn't have much to say because he was distracted by a baseball he wanted to throw around, but he did laugh through the phone several times, which was by far the best part. His laugh is incredible...infectious, joyful, uncontainable. Can you imagine what it would be like to hear the boy to whom you gave life laugh like that? It must have been partly heartbreaking for her, but I also hope, pray and believe it was a confirmation of her choice to give him life, hope and a family that could provide for him.  

A phone call. What a beautiful gift to give and to get.

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