Tuesday, January 21, 2014

adoption grants {i like spreadsheets}

Folks, since receiving news of receiving an adoption grant, I am back on the happy train with adoption grants. There for a while I avoided all talk of adoption grants because I was feeling loser-ish, but now I have decided to share my color-coded chart in case anyone out there could use it. 

Click the chart to enlarge.

Above, you will find a list of adoption grants, along with as much information about each one as I cared to document on my Excel sheet. The first column indicates the name of the grant-making organization, the second indicates the website, and the third indicates the amount of money available for each recipient (if given).

The next three columns indicate when they will accept your grant: Any time, after a home study is complete, or after a referral. (This document looked just a bit different in my actual Excel book). Then you will find the deadline, if given, and my own notes about when I applied, the application fee and the preferences given by the grant-makers. 

Grants change ALL THE TIME, so I can't guaranty all information here is accurate now, even though I looked at most of them last Friday. I have found that this chart is the easiest way to keep track of these things, as they can easily take over your life if you don't have some sort of system for organizing what you know, what you've done, and what you received.

As you can see, my color-coding indicates what happened with each grant after I sent in the application. All the red indicates that we are extreme losers in the grant area of our lives, but the blue one there gives us a ray of hope! 

I am sure I'm missing some grants, so comment below if you know of others or if you have additional info about one of the above. I suppose I could create a huge spreadsheet with info for all grants if I got enough info. (Just FYI, I didn't include some because they didn't pertain to us or this specific DRC adoption.)

I will gladly email this spreadsheet to anyone who thinks it can be of use so you can color-code it for yourself (it's fun!). Let me know via email (lotzfam@att.net) or comment section if you're interested. 

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