Friday, January 31, 2014

a happy email

Yesterday I opened my email to find a sweet surprise: Thirteen new pics of Sweet C and an update from her caretakers.She is SITTING UP and smiling big with her huge pouty lips. The update also gave us new information about how she's doing, and it says she smiles a lot. THRILLING!

It's so odd to think that just a few months ago, we saw our first picture of her as an infant lying down in a crib. And now she looks so much older and more mature. I'm sad to be missing those special moments in her development and her displays of a sweet personality, but I'm thrilled that we get so many great pictures to showcase her sweetness and that she receives such excellent care.

She's now 6 months old, and it will be at least 5 months until we will get her home; it could even be up to 18 months. We choose to be joyful in the wait.

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