Friday, December 20, 2013

the weary world rejoices

Branson has some great musical talent, and Wednesday provided an opportunity for students to exhibit their talent in a school-wide gathering. 

The music was amazing, as usual, and it was refreshing to see a select number of talented kids in their element of music (especially because I normally see them squirming or posturing in their PE uniforms). 

Full disclosure, I got a case of the "eyes brimming, chin-quiver" during one of the musical numbers. (But there were no actual tears, people. Let's not let it get around that I actually do have emotions.)

Here's when it happened: 

"A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices 
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn..."

A thrill of hope? I wish I was experiencing that. 

The weary world rejoices. The world seems so weary, or maybe it is that 2013 has been a somewhat weary year for me personally. I am extremely hard on myself and very passionate about a few causes that God has placed close to my heart. I'm not an overly emotional person, but this year has brought some significant challenges to mess up my emotional equilibrium (for better or worse, the jury is still out). 

Miscarriage (early 2013).
Beating myself up about my job.
Losing twins we had hoped to adopt (They, along with 31 other children at their orphanage, died from the lack of clean water)
The increasingly difficult journey of adoption in Congo. (Just found out today that Congo adoptions may have been suspended...heart-break city.)
A second mortgage to pay on a house that won't sell.
A busy fall season that took me away from family far too often and left me "unavailable" on many different levels. 
Friends with sick babies.
A granny in the hospital.

But the thrill of hope is still here, whether I acknowledge it or not. It sneaks up on me at odd times, like when I get to be involved in showing DRC what our agency is really up to over there (not just taking their babies, if you want to know). The thrill of hope sneaks up on me when Brecken fake-laughs over and over again until everyone is belly-laughing, or when I envision the future, adopted and biological babies all tucked snuggly into bed and me working on changing the world or at least doing something to help it (a dream's a dream, right?).

Or when I hear a high school choir sing about the thrill of hope in a song I've heard one thousand times before, yet for the first time, I think about the baby in the hay--with the weight of the world on his back, scared parents, wise men and bright star shining just for Him. That baby that changed everything and left the world rejoicing. That's quite a thrill of hope. 

Right now, though, I'm weary, and the world seems to be very weary, too. 

But for today, thank you, Branson Choir, for reminding me of the thrill:


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