Monday, December 9, 2013

Imara update

Many have asked for an update on little Imara, the three-year-old who was beaten, whipped, and burned by her extended family in Congo. (You can read more about her situation here, here and here.)

Our Congo adoption coordinator should be in Congo as we speak. Her trip was planned long before anyone knew about Imara, and she was supposed to leave Sunday. However, with the bad weather expected in Chicago she took off earlier than expected, leaving Springfield Saturday morning. Imara needs a passport first, then they can make an appointment to try to get her an emergency medical visa. Please pray that all of this can happen in a timely manner so Imara can get the care she needs as soon as possible.

I also got the opportunity to work on a little booklet to show DGM what the agency we are adopting through is doing in Congo. Essentially, the purpose is to show that the agency is not simply exporting babies from the Congo without caring about any of the problems the people in Congo face. I wish I could show you that booklet, as it is full of great humanitarian work that is being done by ABI. A few examples: saving Baby Joshua's life, widow support for a mama who thought she would have to place her children for adoption because she couldn't support them, family assistance to keep a family facing financial hardship together, dysentery relief for the devastated orphanage that lost 33 of 52 children (including the twins we hoped to up here), and the latest, providing emergency medical care for Imara.

Here's a visual of Joshua's progress:

Joshua right after he was found, weighing in under 2 lbs.
Joshua a few weeks ago. He finally has the muscle strength to smile!
 And this is why our agency is awesome!

PLEASE pray that Congolese officials will see that we truly want what is best for the children of Congo and that they will soon allow adoptive parents to bring their kids home.

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