Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Help still needed {and fast}

I'm going to post a fundraising update sometime, because I'd call our adoption dinner/silent auction a huge success, but since I have your attention I need to tell you more about Imara, the 3-year-old orphan who has been beaten, burned, whipped and possibly poisoned by extended family in Congo. She still desperately needs help getting to the US, and she needs it fast, as a number of medical issues she is dealing with could kill her.

Her physical injuries: Burns in and on mouth, making eating and drinking extremely difficult, and Congo does not have equipment or expertise to even asses this sort of problem. Her stomach is alarmingly distended, invoking worries of internal swelling. She has two possible fractures in her arms. Her 3rd-degree leg burn, which was cut out of her leg, will definitely need a skin graft, and her double black eyes and cerebral swelling indicate a skull fracture. And let's not even talk about the emotional trauma right now. You can visit abicongo.blogspot.com for even more details about her physical injuries and situation.

The most important thing we need right now is a commitment from a hospital to provide free care for Imara, or a commitment to provide greatly reduced care along with commitments from organizations who can provide payment for the remaining balance of care. The purpose of these commitments is to show government officials that we have the funds necessary to take care of Imara's medical needs. 

We are not concerned about finding an adoptive family, host family, or even funds for her visa or plane ticket at this point. We will cross those bridges when we get to them. We just desperately need hospitals to say "YES" to providing care for free, and we need it quickly. Visas take a while to acquire, and the paperwork required to even submit a visa request will take a few days. If a hospital says "YES" tomorrow and people bust their tails getting everything done, we will still probably be a week-and-a-half away from getting Imara here for care she desperately needs today. 

If you have any leads regarding options for Imara, please contact those people directly and share Imara's story, this blog post, ABI's post and anything else you feel would be important, and then contact me (lotzfam@att.net) if you receive very positive information from them. I have been busy answering emails, texts and messages about this ALL DAY, which is amazing, but I simply cannot contact people unless I have strong reason to believe they are on board and absolutely ready for the next step. Not enough time in the day (or battery power in my phone). 

(By the way, hospitals may be more interested in helping if they believe some positive press will come of it. I believe that is a strong possibility if we can get her here for care! Doctors and nurses, especially in the Springfield, MO, area, please speak up for Imara!)

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