Wednesday, December 11, 2013

drum roll please...

Final numbers are in from our big dinner-music-silent auction fundraising event. Ready? We received a grand total of $10,000!!! Whoa. We are blown away by the generosity of our friends, family and people we don't even know. We even received a few $1,000 checks from individuals. Unbelievable.
We hope you enjoyed some good music, yummy food and great company if you were in attendance, and if you weren't there...well, you missed out. ;o)
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is seriously having some troubles...}

Some huge THANK YOUS we wanted to share online: 

Stephen Owen -- Fundraising genius/the man with the plan. Seriously, he was THE MAN when it came to planning this whole thing, as it turned out to be an even larger undertaking than we originally thought (but worth it!). I believe he is single, ladies, soooo.... (Brad and I can vouch for his godly character and awesomeness.)

Lizzy Cohen -- Atmosphere director. She designed the "feel" of the event, and boy, did she do an amazing job. She has design ideas coming out of her head at all angles, and she did a great job of pulling it all together. (I believe she is also single, guys, sooo...) (Also, a quick shout out to my sis-in-law and her boys for creating 115 spinning pinwheels for table decor. Props for the props!)
Jon and Jacqueline Rush -- Was the food amazing or what?! Thanks so much to these two for pulling together an amazing meal for us. We enjoyed every bite, and we know you all did, too. Watch for their traveling BBQ venue in the months to come. (And thanks to their their small group, too, who helped dish out the food.)

Emmett Franz, his family, and Kevin Cott (who jumped in at the last second for a very sick Scott Hardwicke) -- If you enjoyed the music--and I think we all did, AMIRIGHT?--please support these guys (and gals) by checking out their respective websites. They performed for us FOR FREE, and we are extremely thankful you all got to experience their soul-pleasing music. 
A few more thank yous for some people who donated very large items or several items for the silent auction:
  • The Baumann families - (By the way, Melissa B. MADE the adorable doll that was swinging in the corner. The hair of that doll looked a bit like what I expect C's will be like when she comes home. Seriously, loved that doll!)
  • Jeff and Shannon Britton
  • Christie Snelson - See more of her CRAZY-GOOD works of art here. She is seriously SO GOOD. 
  • Brown Derby
  • Silver Dollar City
  • McAlisters Deli (Sweet Tea for Sweet C!)
  • The Mike Green Real Estate Team (He's a pro, folks. A pro.)
  • Nixa Crossfit
  • Chris Kuykendall (If you liked the cool art prints and cards, see the rest of his stuff here.)
  • Dr. Chris Boschen at Sunshine Eye Clinic
  • Lori Breedlove Photography
  • Teri Roy Photography
  • Baglady Boutique
  • (If I missed you or your company, please don't hate me.)

I should also mention here that in the total we included donations from our AdoptTogether site, which included a few anonymous donations and donations from people we know who could not come to the event. (We also received a donation from the great people at the company my parents started many years ago, ESC, Inc. Consulting Engineers.)

MANY THANKS to those of you who came or supported us in an way, financial or otherwise. Big or small, your support has meant the world to us. Please continue to pray with us that Sweet C and all the other orphans in Congo will remain healthy and safe and will soon be able to join their families.

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  1. So, so ecstatic for you all!! What a blessing!! Now, praying DRC wises up to the wonderful parents you will be and allows you to go get your baby girl!!!!!