Sunday, December 8, 2013

an amazing mom

I am pretty sure I drove my mother crazy when I was younger. I stressed her out. I made her stay up late. She had to bail me out of a lot of trouble.

My high school years were not my finest. I was a perfectionist. I was (am) an over thinker. I stressed about such little selfish nothings that I don't know why my mom didn't just kick me out in the backyard for a while until I figured out what was truly important in life. But she didn't and I suppose that's what makes her a good mom.

But here's what makes her an amazing mom: She knew that getting good grades, being a good athlete and doing my very best in all situations was important to me, so she supported me while also reminding me that her and my dad's love was not based on performance (something that continually has to be drilled into my head even today).

She stayed up late to proofread the papers I procrastinated on until the night before they were due, she played volleyball with me in the front yard, and she woke up at 3 am to drive me to club tournaments. She acted like she enjoyed it (and maybe she did, but some of the things she did for me were not enjoyable, I assure you). But she sometimes let me deal with consequences of procrastination, overthinking and forgetting things, I am grateful now for her willingness to allow me to deal with some struggles in those areas without jumping in to fix everything every time, although I'm sure she wanted to do so.

These days she is still here to support me and my new family, just in different ways. For example,  she and my dad traveled to Kentucky to visit several times when Brody and I were stuck there so we wouldn't be alone, and when little Brecken tried to arrive 11 weeks early and eventually came 9 weeks early, they watched 16-month-old Brody while I was in the hospital and then did everything they could to help while Brecken stayed in NICU for 5 weeks.

And not only is she there for me and my family, she is also an encourager and helper to hosts of other people.

She is an amazing example of a generous giver, an encouraging supporter, selfless sacrificial love and a Christ follower, among many other things. (So is my dad, in case you are wondering. Equally yoked they are!)

So, yeah, you could say she is an amazing mom, but she is also an amazing Memaw, friend, example, giver and woman of God, and I am incredibly thankful for her. (She is also y favorite shopping partner, but that's neither here nor there.)

Happy birthday, Ruthie B!! We adore you!!

This is my mom and my Grandpa Green just a few years ago. (And happy birthday to my Grandpa Green, too! He turned 90 on Friday, and we couldn't be more blessed to have him in our lives!!

Did I mention she was also named "Most Beautiful Girl" in her high school yearbook? She's still got it!)

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