Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Miracle for Imara

I am so thrilled to share that Cox Hospital in Springfield, MO, has agreed to provide care for Imara! The very fact that Imara now has the promise of care is amazing, but the amazing details just add to the whole ness of this plan. Once again, God is in the details.

Springfield is the home of ABI's secondary office.
Springfield is the home of the family who had already agreed to sponsor her visa and be her foster parents.
Cox Hospital is an amazing hospital with truly caring doctors (but I know that most of them are).
Springfield is my hometown. Yay Hometown!

Anyway, I will not share evey detail of how it all came to be (honestly, I don't even know every detail), but everything lined up in ways you would not believe unless you are a believer, really.

I should also point out here that I received over 100 emails and several additional texts and social media messages regarding Imara's situation and offers of help. You people are amazing! We also had at least one other hospital and several doctors from over who had agreed to provide free care; it just happened to be that Cox is right here!! To those of you who worked tirelessly to help this precious girl, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Next steps for Imara: visa paperwork submission and hopefully an approval so she can travel back here (with her sponsoring visa provider, who was already planning to travel to DRC next week...coincident??) ASAP.

I plan to keep you posted as more details are known, but I couldn't keep this news in much longer.

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