Thursday, November 14, 2013

WHW 12

What's this? A real "What's Happening Wednesday" post? Yep. I haven't done one since August, but I'm jumping back on the bandwagon and plan to post about Lotz-home happenings regularly.

{{HALT. This actually isn't a real Wednesday post because it came to a screeching halt when I had a small crisis last night in attempting to fix my iPhone. (The screen has been broken since last May.) Long story short: I no longer have a working phone, and just about everything else that could go wrong did go wrong yesterday. It was a rough one. I give the day a C-.}}

Adoption Update: The Department of State held an open phone call this morning to discuss adoptions in DRC. It basically amounted to no new information, so things stand where they were: No Exit Letters, which may last 12 months, and people who were SOO close to bringing their kids home continue to wait and wait and wait. Some people who had visas and approvals have actually been permitted to exit (HOORAY for them!!), but others remain, and still others seem to be a long way off from the final journey to Congo to return with their kids. HO -HUM.

Related to adoption, here is the most recent post about the orphanage in Kasai where our twins lived and died. It details the upcoming short- and long-term plans for getting clean water to that village. It also contains a few more prayer requests for a very sick little boy and a widowed mother who is trying to keep her family together. Please continue to send this country your prayers and your cares.

In other news, Brad went hunting "up north" for a few days and--without spoiling the details of a post he will probably share on here--I am pretty sure he shed a few tears over the outcome. (I'm going to be honest with you here: I don't understand the mentality of a hunter. I get bored in a deer stand, and I do not get excited to listen to people whispering on camera in hunting shoes...BUT he does and I can accept the fact that I don't get it.) In fact, he is kind of on a hunting show, as an extended member of Hallowed Ground Outdoors, which is on the Sportsman Channel. He and his buddy are even in this episode (Have I shared this before?). So basically, I'm married to a TV star (who doesn't get paid as a TV case you are wondering).

Lastly, two different sets of parents traveled this week to get their little ones through adoption: One set traveled across the US to get their newborn little boy who they just learned about (sounds a bit familiar) and the other traveled to Ukraine to get the biological brother of the two sisters they adopted about a year ago. YAY for them!! Read up here.

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