Monday, November 25, 2013

one week away

Ok, people. We are ONE WEEK AWAY from our dinner/silent auction adoption fundraiser! We still have A TON to get done by next Monday at 6:30 PM; little did I know when we thought up this idea that the process would become almost as big and intimidating as planning a wedding. Decorations, food, order of events, videos, MCs, servers...we've got it all going on. And I am hoping it goes well.

But if it doesn't, let's just all smile, relax and enjoy ourselves nonetheless, mmmkay?

Here's a short little film featuring two of the musicians (Emmet Franz and Scott Hardwicke) who will be playing at the event. They are pretty cool fellas, and you can find more about Emmett and his (Franz) fam here and here. Scott is apparently not yet cool enough to have his own website, but he does have his own fan club, I assure you.

Again, you can pay ahead of time (which would be amazing) by going here and then clicking on the green "Donate Now" button. We only have enough room for 200 people, and we want to make sure we have an accurate count of who is coming so we don't have to turn thousands away at the door. :o) If you are coming, don't want to pay yet, and haven't already done so, please respond to the event on Facebook, as well.

The event is named "IMPORT: A dinner for adoption" in case you missed it in Facebook. (Why the name "IMPORT?" when it seems to contradict my statements in this post? I'll attempt to explain tomorrow. You are all hanging on the edge of your seats now, right?)

In case you missed some of the silent auction items, we have an iPad Air, Dixie Stampede tix, Silver Dollar City tix, 31 bags, a Francesca's handbag, a stay in a Branson condo on the lake (with an indoor pool), a few rounds of golf, photography packages, and some amazing art prints (to name a few things) to auction off. (If you can't come to the event and one of the items strikes your fancy enough to bid on it, contact me by 3 PM on December 2 to place your bid.)

We cannot wait to see you all next week! Don't try to lose the Thanksgiving weight before next week, by the way. We are going to have some great BBQ for you...might as well enjoy it!

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