Friday, November 15, 2013

Adoption Dinner & AdoptTogether {tax-deductible donations}


Did you see that new button over there? --------------------------->

The one that says "Donate with AdoptTogether"? That is an exciting addition to the blog (at least for us).

{{We have had some blog probs today, so it actually may not be there. If not, use this link.}}

Some of you have asked about making tax-deductible donations. We have set up a page on, which is a non-profit funding platform that helps families raise funds for adoption. (If you'd like to know how it works, go here:

You should always be able to find the button at the side. Don't feel obligated, but we truly would appreciate any donations you would like to offer (and in doing so, Uncle Sam will just have to take a little less from you).

Also, if you are planning to come to our dinner on December 2nd, you can go ahead and use that button to pay for your tickets. In fact, it would be AMAZING if you all could pay before you come that night, just to keep our sanity (relatively) intact. (We only have space for about 200 people, which sounds like a lot but really isn't. This will help us keep track so we don't overpack the place.) If you do choose to pay early, the organization will automatically send us an email that you have donated through the AdoptTogether site and we can put you on the VIP list for the event, so please make sure to include your name with your donation. :o) Full tables of 8 are also available, so you may choose to do that and invite some of your friends (even if we don't know them) so you'll know who you are sitting by.

Here's a little Franz Family to give you an idea of the great music involved here.

More info regarding the adoption dinner event:
Monday, December 2, 2013
6:30 PM-9:00 PM
425 Downtown in Springfield, MO
$25 per person

A short description so you'll know what to expect: Get ready to enjoy a night of food, family, and friend (and Franz), and help the Lotz family raise money for their adoption from DR Congo. We will have a BBQ dinner while listening to the Franz family and Scott Hardwicke sing some tunes from all genres (with a wee-bit of Christmas music), and we will also have several silent auction items available on which you can bid.

Here are a few Silent Auction items we have already announced on the Facebook event. Also, if any of you reading this are unable to make it to the event but you still want to bid, you can do so by emailing me at with your highest bid BEFORE 3 PM December 2.

iPad Air
(Photo courtesy Google Images)

4 passes to Silver Dollar City
(Photo courtesy Google Images)

A large hand-painted canvas by Christie Snelson (WHOA...she is good0

Art prints and cards by CKDesigns. This one, amongst others: 

(Photo courtesy Etsy/CKDesignMission)

We are just about two weeks away from this event; can't wait to see you all there! 

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