Thursday, November 7, 2013

30 abes

In my post the other day about ways to help orphans without adopting, I cannot believe I forgot one of my favorite ways to help orphans. It's only fitting, then, that I dedicate a single post to 30 Abes, an organization that helps provide meals to orphans in Haiti. The name "30 Abes" indicates the 30 cents it takes "to provide a meal of rice soy, dried pinto beans and a vitamin/mineral substance."

One reason I love this organization is that it was founded by Amy, a genuine (She has cried on-air, people...RESPECT), fun-loving, orphan-loving and adoption-loving host on the Bobby Bones Show, whom I have only tweet-annoyed her about adoption/orphan care a few times, and she was kind enough to respond.  (By the way, I listen to the Bobby Bones Show in the car EVERY MORNING on my way to school at 6:30 am, despite my tendency to dislike talkative radio hosts. I have never loved a radio show so much!)

Anyway, every 30 Abes shirt purchased helps feed orphans in Haiti. I bought one a while back, and I wear it every chance I get. I'm actually wearing it now, as it is the hands-down softest and smoothest shirt I've ever owned. I'm not exaggerating, people. Your other shirts will get jealous. You can buy one here.

That's Bobby. He likes dogs and admits to being nerdy, which is admirable. 

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