Thursday, October 3, 2013


Life is busy, so "What's Happening Wednesday" is "What's Happening Thursday" this week. Or this month.

Last Saturday, I coached in a volleyball tournament and Brad coached in a softball tournament. We decided to divide and conquer where childcare was concerned: Brad took Brecken so a sister of one of the players could watch him (Thank you, Hunter!), and I took Brody to be entertained by "bolleyball," which he loves.

We were in the car and headed to catch the bus at school by 5:00 am. Brody LOVES riding the bus with "the girls," so this was one of his favorite Saturday's yet. He slept a bit on the bus, begged tons of good snacks from the girls, and chased volleyballs. It was his dream come true.

But it was also very tiring, as evidenced by the pictures to follow. Yes, that's him sleeping while standing up at our bench during a three-set match that included a ton of yelling and cheering. Did it phase him? No. He actually stayed there for a bit until I could take pictures and allow plenty of people to get a good laugh in about his level of excitement during the games.

But the kid in this next picture isn't tired. This pic was taken somewhere around 4:30 am, 45 minutes after Brecken woke up Monday morning and thought it was time to party. Not sure what the time confusion was all about, but after 45 minutes of trying to get him back to sleep (and him wandering around the bed), I gave in. Party it was. And he had this cheesy grin to show for it.

Brody got sick on Tuesday night and pretty much did this most of the next day. Poor kid. I didn't even stay home to take care of him because I'm saving up sick days (just in case we get to make a trip to Africa before school gets out). So when I say "poor kid' I should also say, "poor nannies." One of them called me right before our game on Tuesday night and left a message with my assistant coach: "We're all sick." UH-OH. Not a great thing to hear when you are far away and can't do anything about it! 

When I got home she told me that at one point she and Brody were both throwing up into the toilet at the same time. That's one tough nanny, people. 

Sports are in full effect right now, as is school, so Brad and I rarely have a second to see one another. In fact, we have communicated our referral acceptance to our agency, but we haven't yet signed the official documents because we can't get together for any amount of time to meet with a notary! Hoping to do that tomorrow, though. 

I can still hardly believe that we have TWINS waiting on the end of the world for us. (!!)

Also, we have also learned new information about the process in Congo. I mentioned the other day that DGM isn't issuing exit letters, but they did in fact allow a few families who already had visas (or at least approval to get them) to exit up until Wednesday. However, adoptions are processing normally while they sort through the DGM problem. (DGM's only duty in adoption is to issue exit letters after adoptions are final and visas are approved.) Apparently, an adoption attorney sought revenge on the agency he used to work for and told DGM the agency wasn't following through with post-adoption monitoring appropriately. This is what caused the shutdown in DGM. Several people, agencies and entities in Congo are working to restore things back to order and to assure DGM that they are monitoring appropriately post-adoption. We are hopeful that this will get resolved shortly, and we are praying to that end. 

And that's "What's Happening Thursday."

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