Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things I must teach my boys (Guest post by birthday boy Brad)

A guest post from my husband on his birthday. (Happy birthday, Brad! We love you and admire everything you do to boldly lead our ever-growing bunch.)

Things I MUST teach my boys:
This list does not necessarily contain everything that I must teach my sons, but it's a good start. I have divided the list into two categories: "Biblical" and "Not Necessarily Biblical, but Correct."


1. Love all people: This is the greatest commandment. How can I not teach them to do this? Here is an important side note: Loving all people does not mean to spend your time with and be influenced by all people, and loving all people does not mean to approve of all peoples' actions.

2. Get wisdom: WISDOM IS A SKILL. It needs to be practiced and practiced more than baseball, football, guitar, algebra, etc.

3. Jesus is the ONLY way: All religions are not spokes in a wheel connected to the same hub. Cowards believe such nonsense. Few religions allow for that way of thinking anyway. In America 2013, it takes balls to stand on the Truth that Jesus is the ONLY way.

4. The Bible is inerrant: If they hear anyone teach otherwise, that teacher is no longer to be trusted. The Bible is the most important thing they will have on the planet.

5. Save your money: Proverbs says plenty about saving your money. Fools don’t save their money.

6. Give your money: ALL money is GOD’S money. Give AT LEAST the first 10% of earnings....The FIRST 10%.

I can hear the weaker-minded readers now: "But...but, you said you will teach them to save their money. You can’t save your money and give your money."

See #2 on this list. If they GET WISDOM they will learn how to do the same time.

7. You have a God-given gift. Search hard and find out what it is. Their mother and I will be there to guide them towards that gift and guide them away from where they are not gifted. 

*NOTE--There are a couple of reasons terrible singers try to get famous on those TV tryout talent shows: Dishonest/cowardly parents and/or dishonest/cowardly friends.

8. Adopt or be heavily involved in adoption in one form or another. "One form"= ADOPT. "Another"= Give $$ to people who are adopting. Yes, it’s biblical.

Something tells me that my boys will thoroughly understand and accept this concept.


Not necessarily Biblical, but still correct:

1. Being a sissy is NOT okay: Jesus wasn’t a sissy. 

2. Throw a ball: I taught PE for 8 years. I’ve seen too many boys who throw like sissies. It physically and emotionally pains me to see boys who simply can’t throw. My first thought is "What have you been doing for the last 15,16, 25 years?"

3. Competition is a great thing: If you are going to play, play to win. If my boys don’t like sports, so be it, but they will be taught that if they don’t learn to compete somehow, they will be eaten alive….. by LIFE.

4. How to throw a punch: I have already started this with Brody. They have to know how to defend themselves. Bullying is a bad thing, getting bullied is a worse thing. By and large, bullies are cowards. They pick on people who ALLOW it. I recently heard a TRUE story of a bully picking on a boy by pointing his finger in the boy's chest over and over. The boy’s little brother told the bully to stop. The bully then put his finger on the little brother’s chest and said, "What are you going to do?" The little brother grabbed the bully’s finger and broke it. HE BROKE IT. *snap* The bully stopped. I am fine with how this story ended. I will share this story with my boys and it will serve a two-­fold purpose: Don’t bully and don’t be bullied.

5. There’s no time to be politically correct: Political correctness is for the uneducated and uninformed. Gay is gay; straight is straight; a girl is a girl; a man is a man. In our house we will have 2 black Lotz kids, 1 biracial Lotz kid, and 1 white Lotz kid. Are we supposed to not have mirrors in the house and pretend we all look the same? Pshhhh!

6. Read, read, then read some more:

(That's Brian Regan on reading.)

Also, people who don’t read use profanity like they use commas. Profanity is ignorance making its way out of a person in a forcible manner. It’s ignorance made audible. It’s "the crutch of the inarticulate." Read books! Don’t be ignorant.

*Note--Strong language IS appropriate at times.

7. TV and video games will rot your mind and make you weak: Addictions are for sissies. Both TV and video games can be done in moderation, but my sons will stand the chance getting both a TV and game console smashed with a hammer if they become addicted. "Addicted" is relative. It’s subjective. It’s for Jenny and I to decide. Our house, our rules.

8. Steer clear of porn. I know it is a serious problem and many great men have fallen to it, BUT the fact remains that it is 100% perversion. It will steal your soul and make you way LESS of a MAN. It will make you a shell of yourself.

9. Work hard at hard work: No matter how much money I make (I am a teacher so…’s a lot) my boys will get a blue collar job when they are 14 or 15 (if not earlier). Being a lazy pig is out of the question. Mow grass, throw hay, pack lumber, clean up dog poop, wash cars, split and stack wood, etc. You get the idea.

A few other things that I will teach the boys:

How to shake hands
How to shave (when necessary) 

How to camp
How to shoot a gun 

How to shoot a bow 
How to hunt and fish 
How to negotiate 
How to cook meat 
How to eat meat
How to travel

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