Thursday, October 17, 2013

relief {sigh}

After hearing of the devastating impact of dysentery in the orphanage where our twins were living, I waited a bit to contact our program coordinator. I knew she was probably hurting from the news she had received about the kids in the orphanage and from the news she had to deliver to some families, and I wanted to give her space. I am also still in the middle of a volleyball season and trying not to allow worries about our kids consume me, particularly since it is all out of our hands. (If I'm being honest here, I also didn't want to know if there was bad news. I allowed my mind to go there for a second, and it wasn't pretty.)

BUT I finally broke down last night and contacted our coordinator. I'm glad I did. I learned that our twins no longer live in the orphanage or even in the city where the dysentery was wiping out the children. Because the dysentery was killing babies first, the orphanage staff called their extended family members and had them take the twins for now. They will be moved back to the orphanage when it is safe again, and the orphanage is trying to get approval for them to be moved to another city (into a foster home, I believe) where it is much more safe for them. This would be a great move for a number of reasons, so please pray that this move is approved quickly and for continual safety and health for our babies. And please say some extra prayers for comfort and peace for our coordinator and agency staff, as well as the families who lost their precious little ones over there. No words can express that sort of loss.

We are so incredibly thankful for the many people who are caring for these Littles and considering their best interests, particularly our coordinator, the orphanage workers, and the extended family members who are now caring for them. I can't imagine what we would do without them, and we pray for all of them daily (hourly).

We are still researching to see if we can help the orphanage in any way. We will keep you posted.

In related news, I have heard rumors that DGM is now issuing exit letters to people whose Visas were approved before they suspended issuing exit letters. DGM had said they would honor those visa approvals, but up until yesterday I hadn't heard of anyone actually getting out of the country with their babies, even if their visas had been approved prior to the deadline. Please pray for continual collaboration between agencies, adoptive parents, Congolese ministries and DGM so families can be together at home soon. Things seem to be heading in the right direction, and we are, again, thankful. 

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