Sunday, October 6, 2013

i'm not pregnant

But I did spend most of yesterday running to and from the bathroom while coaching at a volleyball tourney. I am not sure why I feel the need to share this experience with the world; maybe it's just that now that it's over it's actually pretty funny.

The boys were sick Tuesday night, so the second I felt a weird tightness in my belly on the bus ride to the tourney yesterday I had a bad feeling about the day ahead. I coached three matches with the doom of impending sickness hanging over my head. I just did not feel right. The girls were playing well, so I was giving lots of high-fives and cheers, not yet knowing that I was truly about to bite the dust when the true sickness hit.

And boy, did it hit.

I ran to the bathroom during a break in the day and proceeded to get sick (I will spare you the details here...). I then apologized to the person in the stall next to me that she had to hear such a wretched sound. She says, "Don't worry about it; I was just doing the same thing." After we had both recovered a bit we came out of the stalls. Lo and behold, the other sick woman was a teacher from Branson who was officiating the vb matches on the other court. That's how Branson does it; we stick together!

From there, it all went downhill for me pretty quickly. I sat on the bench for the semi-final match and watched while trying to keep my stomach steady. You know how in cartoons, sick people are depicted with green goo rising up into the irises of their eyes? That is EXACTLY how I felt trying to focus on the ball and the game. At one point, I called a time-out while running out of the gym to get sick in the bathroom. At least I managed to make it to the bathroom every time and retain about 10% of my dignity.

On the other hand, my girls were playing great, and they won the semi-final match in two sets. They did a GREAT job of coaching themselves, lifting each other up, and doing what needed to be done. Luckily, we had a Branson teacher with us in the crowd who came down to sit on the bench and make us legal. (Thanks to Annette!!) I cannot say enough about my senior leaders. They were absolutely phenomenal in their last tournament playing as Branson Pirates.

The championship match went to three sets, each of which were hard-fought battles with a great opposing team. I spent most of that match in the bathroom or in the floor in the hallway. I felt even more awful that I couldn't really see my team doing so well, nor could I really coach them. However, they did the best they could with the situation at hand and played some of the toughest volleyball they've played all year. Although we lost that match, I couldn't be more proud of them. I think this is just the sort of proof I need that a coach's job is somewhat overrated. If the girls know what to do and want it bad enough, they can figure out how to make it happen on their own. And I'd say my girls did that, even though we took 2nd. We definitely got tougher yesterday. I just hope none of them get what I had!!

Then, as always, my parents saved the day for me. My mom came mid-way through the championship match to take me home so I wouldn't have to ride the bus (and the vb parents found ways to get all of the girls home without the bus...bless them!). I stayed until the awards were given out, then wobbled out to her car, and my parents watched the boys the rest of the day while I slept/cringed and waited for Brad to get home from the college fall retreat where he was teaching. Have I ever mentioned that my parents are amazing??

Moral of the story: Let other people be the strong ones sometimes. My team was strong, my team's parents were strong, my parents were strong. And I'm thankful.

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