Monday, October 21, 2013

Financial Peace University -- Lesson 1

The miracles of adoption--financial and otherwise--are evident in this video. Thanks to my brother, the Dave Ramsey fan, for sharing it with Brad.

We have seen God work like this for us OVER and OVER again, and this truth from the story above has been evidenced out every time: "He was weaving our callings, our stories, together. For us to love and to care for each other to make a beautiful tapestry for His glory."

I guess this is what I meant when I said I had a quibble with Dave Ramsey; HOWEVER, I must now admit that Ramsey-ians tend to be huge givers. Obviously, he would have advised that the couple pay off the debt before adopting, but since God paid the debt (kind of an overarching theme with him), everyone wins! Mama and Daddy, family, orphan, the anonymous couple, and Christ, the conqueror.

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