Monday, September 23, 2013

This Crazy Dream

Remember that time when I shared this made-up conversation (here):

Us: "We are, um, kind of...praying for God to provide a way."

Dave (Ramsey): "Hmm. I suggest that you hold off on this and save your money for a while so that you will be financially secure when the time comes."

Us: "But we feel that the time is now."

How about this (here):

"Most people think we are absolutely nuts for saying we will adopt more than one child at a time, but we always reiterate that the chances of that happening are slim, considering the fact that not many adoptions out of the Congo are sibling groups. That said, here are reasons we are open to a sibling group:

First of all, not many couples are open to adopting multiple children at one time. That's not to say that it's never done, but there are definitely more people who want to adopt just one child at a time, and that's why we are open to more than one if need be. We might only get one child, but we don't want immediately say no when there is a sibling group that shouldn't have to be separated. Those kids have already been through enough, so we'd hate to see families separated when we could do something to keep them together. Now, as a disclaimer, this could go nuts in several ways, leaving us with an overwhelmingly expensive adoption and multiple new mouths to feed, but we are open to learning about sibling groups even if we ultimately decide it's not what's best for our family.
..but it does seem to be the year of multiple births, so we aren't throwing that option out.
Secondly, we really think it would be good to adopt at least two children from the same place so they will be with someone familiar to them through the adoption process and later in life as they learn about their home country. I touched on this in my last post, but when a child is adopted it's not all smooth sailing ahead. There are some serious adjustment and attachment "issues" which must be dealt with, and I am of the opinion that it might be better for the children if they have a sibling/friend alongside them who can relate. I haven't really done much research in that area, so I probably will do that in the future. However, as of right now, we have told our agency we are open to siblings, and if the time comes and we have a referral for siblings we will do some intense investigating and Truth-seeking to determine what's best. As I have said, the chances are pretty slim that we will get a referral for siblings, but crazier things have happened, and we seem to be the asterisk in most situations, so we shall see."

Or this: (Regarding our adoption shirts) We thought "Dream Big" was appropriate. :o)

Brad woke up Sunday morning saying this: "I had this crazy dream last night. We got a phone call...."

I will not divulge the rest of that conversation or the events of Saturday night, but I will tell you this: We have a lot to pray about. We ask that you would pray with us and for us. You may not know exactly what you are praying about, but God does.

I also read this quote today from another blog: "in order to achieve the impossible through God, you must first put yourself into that circumstance.”

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