Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This CRAZY Dream -- It's Reality (AKA "Our Referral!")

Brad's dream? It was reality. We really did get a phone call Saturday night. We actually got two phone calls, a Facebook message and a few important emails from our coordinator.

We missed the calls while putting the boys to bed, and when we listened to the phone message it was this: "Jenny, this is (adoption coordinator). Call me back."


Brad rushed to the living room and made the call. "Hey, this is Brad...Yes...uh, well, here's the deal...how old are they?" (We had recently been talking about how we probably need to tell our agency we really would like to be considered for children who are younger than Brody.) "Really? Ok, ok...oh yes. Yes...send it to either email address...uh yes...Thank you!"

My mind was racing. Was this "the call?!"

He got off the phone.

Me: "And?!"


"How old?"

"Two months."

"Boys or girls? Or both?"

"I forgot to ask." (ha!)

So of course we took bets about the genders while we anxiously awaited the email (which obviously seemed to take forever).

We finally got the email, opened it, and found the picture of a beautiful boy and a precious girl. They were definitely fearfully and wonderfully made. They look older than two months and very well-fed!

Then we sat in stunned silence for a while. (But why would we be stunned after all our talk about our passion orphans?)

This is Brody looking at his brother and sister on Saturday night after we received the call.

Brody then proceeded to spill our secret to people at church the next day. (Silly boy!! Good thing no one knew he was being serious and he actually understood--in context--that he had a new brother and sister!) He even drew this picture of his "sister," who he has been talking about for a while now (before we even got the referral). This was his Sunday School drawing. Again, talking about his sister that no one knew he had. Ha! (We are all excited about the brother, too! Brody has just never had a sister before, so it's all new to him.)

Obviously, I would LOVE to show you a picture, but we must take certain safety precautions and that involves not sharing pictures online. If I know you in person, I can definitely show you, so please ask if you'd like to see. 

We realize that, to most of you, we seem like CRAZY FOOLS for 1) adopting again; 2) adopting from DRC; 3) adopting twins when we already have two under 3; 4) adopting on teaching salaries; 5) adopting after our first heart-wrenching adoption; 6) trying to raise about $30,000. 

We know it sounds nuts, and we know we have a long way to go and a ton of details to figure out. 

But, God...

Those two words change things, you know. (To see the extent of changes God orchestrated through these two words in the Bible, go here.) We CANNOT do this on our own, but God can do this and we are trusting him to finish this work. 

We might be crazy, but we feel the call to adopt; this is our mission. As Brad explained it the other day, it seems crazy to us that people we know are missionaries in Lebanon. (Lebanon!) But they were called to that--as crazy as it may seem to us--just as we are called to this. 

Right now we have a lot of questions we'd like God to answer. A LOT. But we know that He will. 

Again: "In order to achieve the impossible through God, you must first put yourself into that circumstance.”

Right now this seems impossible. But God... 


  1. THIS IS SO INSPIRING!! Congratulations on your new babies!!!!!!

    Phil and I want to adopt, its been on our hearts a lot lately and reading your blog is such an inspiration!! Cant wait to see their sweet faces.

  2. I am so excited for yall!!! I can't wait to see God move through this!! Wonderful!!