Friday, September 27, 2013

the road ahead

You may or may not have noticed that "What's Happening Wednesday" has gone by the wayside. As I mentioned earlier this week, we are both coaching in-season high school sports right now, and there's really no time for that.

But I will have periodic updates for you as I'm able. Today, I'll share a bit more information from my phone call last night with our Congo adoption coordinator. For safety reasons, I will not share all info, but here's a bit of what we learned.

We will probably get more pictures and/or information after Sunday or in about 2 weeks. People are traveling to the orphanage at that time, so we hope they can provide some more details about, well, everything.

Our agency's attorney is traveling to Congo in about 3 weeks to begin the court phase of our adoption process. This phase is usually 2-5 months out, but we will HOPEFULLY (barring any problems...ah-hem) get it done in 3 weeks!

After the court phase is over, our agency will receive birth certificates and judgment/act of adoption documents. This will then allow us to fill out our I-600, which begins the investigation process wherein the Embassy attempts to confirm the children are, in fact, orphans. We are HOPING and PRAYING the birth father can travel to the investigation site to testify in that regard. If not, there will have to be a more thorough investigation that would require officials to travel to the orphanage and search down information.

This whole investigation process usually takes 3-9 months, after which we can go get our kids!! However, the waiting time could be knocked down by about 6-8 weeks if one of us travels to Kinshasaa to file our I-600 in person. (It kind of eliminates the middleman, in short.) This trip would cost an EXTRA $5,000 and we really can't pull that off, BUT if we feel that conditions are worsening in the orphanage (thus putting our kids in danger) we might have to do something absolutely drastic in order to drop the 6-8 weeks from the wait time and get them safely home. As with most things in adoption, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

We also learned last night that dysentery is spreading around the region, and that can be EXTREMELY dangerous to the little ones. This might be reason for us to attempt to file the I-600 in person. PLEASE pray with us for these kids' health and safety.

And there you have it!

PS -- I updated the DRC Twins Adoption page.

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