Thursday, September 19, 2013

my quibble with dave ramsey

My brother is a Dave Ramsey fanatic. F-A-N-A-T-I-C (Insert Lecrae's famous Fanatic song here.) My brother is such a fan that the long-standing joke in my family was to make sure everyone coming in contact with him had been saved by Dave. If not, we knew that person would be thrown a few copies of Total Money Makeover and enlisted into Baby Step 1 by the end of the day. If nothing else, those people were given the opportunity to be saved by Dave, and they had my brother to thank for that.

I, too, am a fan of Dave, but I don't have the moneybags to purchase a book for every person with whom I come into contact. (Did you think I was over-exaggerating about my brother's book-giving? Because I definitely wasn't.) Dave's advice has helped Brad and I make a lot of solid decisions to get ourselves on a decent financial track, despite the fact that we chose teaching as a career. We save, save, save and don't purchase items on credit that doesn't get paid (but I do love my Discover card points, so I still use my card...whatev). We have eliminated a ton of student debt in the last 5 years, and we are pretty proud of ourselves for doing that in a short amount of time. We try to stick to a budget (although we don't have much time for planning that right now, so you hasn't worked as well as of late. We just try to use our brains.). We use a lot of Dave's financial tools, we listen to his talk show when possible, and we feel pretty good about it. We even save $70 a month on our mortgage after taking his advice to remove our PMI.

But I do have one little area of disagreement with Dave. Call it a quibble, if you will.

I'm going to be honest here: A large motivating factor in writing this was the opportunity to use the word "quibble" in a blog post.

But another motivating factor was this: orphans.

Because who can budget "giving an orphan a home and forever family" into their weekly "beans and rice" budget? Not many people I know. In fact, if we were to call Dave up on his radio show and ask him whether or not to adopt right now, he would almost definitely ask us if we had the full $30,000-$40,000 saved up to complete the whole thing.

I can picture our stuttering answer..."Um, well, not exactly."

Dave: "Well, how are you going to fund this?"

Us: "We are, um, kind of...praying for God to provide a way."

Dave: "Hmm. I suggest that you hold off on this and save your money for a while so that you will be financially secure when the time comes."

Us: "But we feel that the time is now."

Dave would probably tisk his tongue and shake his head in disapproval. We are not planning for our future very well, nor are we setting ourselves up to retire well and pay off the house. Dave is a Christian man with Godly principles, so I'm not saying he wouldn't understand our decision, but he would definitely not ADVISE us to adopt right now. No way, no how.

But we are rebels. (Or at least we are wannabe rebels...)

So quibble or quabble, we're doing our best to use the money we do have to glorify God, God is using our friends and family to glorify himself through their selfless acts, we are trusting that He will fully "fund what he favors," and all of this together will be used to change the life of an orphan or two (or three or four, right Brad?) forever.

That's money invested well.

(I reread this post a few hours after posting and realized my sarcasm might not have been effectively communicated. Please understand that I love my brother and am only speaking in jest about his Dave-obsession. He and his fam are extremely giving people and might have even started this blog a few years back to document unselfish giving.)

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